April 5, 2019 Legislation not acted upon by governor is pocket vetoed
June 14, 2019 Effective date of legislation not a general appropriation bill or a bill carrying an emergency clause or other specified date

Introduced Legislation – 1663

House Bills – 695
House Joint Memorials – 16
Hour Joint Resolutions – 11
House Memorials – 94
House Resolutions – 1
Senate Bills – 675
Senate Joint Memorials – 20
Senate Joint Resolutions – 19
Senate Memorials – 131

Passed Legislation – 478

142 House Bills
4 House Join Memorials
1 House Joint Resolution
72 House Memorials
1 House Resolution
168 Senate Bills
6 Senate Joint Memorials
3 Senate Joint Resolutions
81 Senate Memorials


NMUCA Legislation Results



  • A $7 billion budget bill with hefty spending increase for public schools; a broad tax package that increases some tax rates and expands a working families tax credit; lifting the annual spending cap on film incentives from $50 million to $110 million; $933 million package for infrastructure projects.
  • Raising the statewide minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2023;
  • Doubling state investment the nonprofit Small Business Investment Corp.;
  • Barring counties from enforcing local “right-to-work” ordinances;
  • Allowing people to seek court approval to wipe an arrest or conviction from their records;
  • Prohibiting employers from asking job-seekers about criminal history on an initial application.
  • Public Project Revolving Fund Projects to funding 222 state and local entities
  • Infrastructure Development Zone Meetings
  • Capital Outlay Reauthorizations
  • Drinking Water System Financing
  • Procurement Functions to GSD
  • Wastewater System Financing
  • Capital Outlay Expenditures
  • Water Project Fund Projects
  • Acequia & Community Ditch Infrastructure Fund
  • Engineering and Surveying Scholarship and License


  • Apprenticeship Program for graduation
  • Apprenticeship program income tax credits
  • Regional Water planning act
  • Motor vehicle excise tax to state road fund
  • State road fund
  • Pregnant worker accommodation act
  • County road fund tax refund donation
  • County and Municipal Gas Tax changes
  • Paid family and Medical Leave Act
  • Infrastructure development zone meetings
  • Prevailing wage complaint resolution
  • Higher Ed and Workforce Career Pathways
  • Publication of Capital Outlay Info
  • Paid family medical leave act
  • Public-Private Partnerships act
  • Car registration fee for road fund
  • Failure to pay subcontractors as a felony
  • Cannabis regulation act
  • Urgent need highway project fund
  • Utility operator training
  • Underground water end user identification
  • Repeal public works minimum wage act
  • Employee preference act
  • Family Friendly workplace incentives
  • Public Private Partnership Act
  • Contributions for public works projects
  • Resident business set-aside act
  • Appointment of PRC members
  • Private construction inspections
  • Capital outlay project funding publication
  • Certified Utility operator training
  • Legislative public works committee
  • Public contracts ethics act
  • Capital outlay reform act
  • Gas tax amount and road fund
  • Motor vehicle tax to road fund
  • Workforce soft skills program for students
  • Legalizing recreational marijuana through state-run stores