Membership Benefits

 New Mexico Utility Contractors Association

 Membership Benefits at a Glance



  • ZIA Partnership – A Partnership with NM OSHA which allows members to evaluate their own safety programs and advance and improve to receive benefits while making their job sites safe for employees.
  • Voice in Santa Fe NMUCA Lobbyist works for you and keeps you informed on legislation at the State level. Your voice is heard and respected in Santa Fe and your message gets through and makes a difference!
  • Voice in Washington D.C. NMUCA’s Lobbyist works to keep the utility industry in the minds of our federal legislators as well and is always putting funding for infrastructure and business issues on the front burner for our industry. NMUCA Staff and NMUCA members meet with NM’s Delegation about our issues when they are in New Mexico.
  • NMUCA Safety Awards – an awards program for NMUCA members only which has four tiers to cover every size contractor.
  • Worker’s Compensation Program – a self-insured WC Group available to NMUCA members.
  • NMUCA Scholarship Program – scholarship available to members (includes all employees in the company) that awards funds for two consecutive semesters to graduating employees and a scholarship for employees who are taking classes while employed.
  • Safety Training Network – allows members to ‘fit’ employee’s into already scheduled training sessions without having to wait or create a training class for a few employees, and partnering with other associations to expand the availability of training.
  • Industry EHS An industry-wide Safety Meeting that meets quarterly with topics concentrating on safety including OSHA Year in Review
  • Construction Industry Crime Alliance access information about crime issues and activity pertaining to the construction industry.
  • Education Courses and Seminars – CPR First aid, Communication Skills, Crises Management, Technology, Estate Planning, etc.
  • OSHA Alliance – members get free and low-cost training including OSHA 10.
  • Tool Box Talks available on CD in English and Spanish
  • Safety Library -check out training and industry videos from the NMUCA safety Library free of charge.
  • Listing on NMUCA’s Web Page
  • New Mexico Regional Common Ground Alliance – NMUCA was instrumental in forming this alliance and continues to be involved to represent the contractor. NMRCGA supports the advancement of CGA’s best practices and safe digging to prevent loss and injury.
  • Monthly e-Newsletter – read right from your email or download and print from the NMUCA web page. Access to past newsletters and other publications. Hard copy also mailed.
  • Membership Meetings – Informative speakers to help your business and an indispensable way to network with others in the industry
  • Last Ditch Open NMUCA’s yearly golf tournament that raises money for association activities and will raise funds for the 2018 Scholarship program. Plus, it’s another relaxing way to mingle with your peers.
  • Washington Report – You’ll receive a Washington Report periodically with updates from Capitol Hill when legislation affecting our industry is moving.
  • Committees – Whether it’s Safety, Planning, Human Resources, Technology, or Education, NMUCA Committees are open to all members, and if you don’t have time to be on a committee, don’t worry, these committees are working hard to make your membership valuable.
  • Legislative Alerts When it can’t wait for the newsletter, you’ll receive Legislative alerts that let you know what’s happening during the NM Legislation Session. You’ll also know when and how the industry is taking a stand on particular legislation and how you can help. Information usually includes bill information, summary, bill status, industry (business) affect and information on how to contact your legislative representative.
  • Web Page – the NMUCA web page is packed with information for ease of use at your fingertips. From your legislative representation at the state and federal level to online registration for training and meetings, this resource is a plethora of information that you can use now.  
  • Rules and Regulations NMUCA is in the know on existing and changing legislation, regulations and industry rules. You will be well informed on OSHA, PRC, PSB, NMRCGA, One Call, DOT, Excavation Law, CID, RLD, Legislation and other pertinent industry information.
  • Tapping into our Youth – NMUCA participates in several career fairs and school presentations to show students the endless possibilities of careers in construction.
  • Network Network Network -Some members state that this is the number one reason why they belong to associations. Association involvement is an effective way to get to know others in your industry and work together to get problems resolved. “Being able to pick up the phone to call a competitor and get an answer to an otherwise difficult question is priceless,” says one member.
  • Utility Contractor Magazine free to subscribe
  • Lunch & Learn Series – Various Topics
  • Safety Training – Competent Person, Confined Space, Trenching Excavation, Accident Investigation, NM811 Law, etc.
  • Clean Water Construction Coalition – NMUCA is a member of this coalition that engages and lobbies in Washington D.C. for infrastructure funding.