2019 Statement of Affairs

Jane Jernigan, Executive Director

New Mexico Utility Contractors Association

NMUCA will enjoy its 40th Year Anniversary in 2020. The Association continues to be well respected in the industry and has strong ties and working relationships with other construction associations and agencies. NMUCA’s voice is also well respected and sought out by legislators and community organizations regarding legislative issues. Members continue to use NMUCA as a resource for industry issues and concerns. Members are very loyal to the association and are positive with their experience. There is confidence in the leadership of the organization. 

The Executive Director has a good relationship with members and continues to enhance members’ experience by visiting and speaking with members about industry issues and association activities. We have excellent, strong, and respectful relationships with AGC, ACNM, ABC, ASA, PRC, SMACNA, NAIOP, NMRA, NMBC, MCA, PSB, NMHBA, CWCC, NMCCT, NM811, Water Authority, CICA, OSHA, NMRCGA, WICNM, and A.C.H.E. NMUCA continues to seek a working relationship with the NMDOT.  

This (2019) marks the fifth year of being an independent state association (not affiliated with a national group). The financial stability of the association has seen significant growth in the last five years. Cash flow is excellent and there have been no withdrawals from the association’s investment account. The association once again deposited a total of $10,000.00 in 2019 into the  investment account and enjoyed some gains in the market. The goal for the investment account is to have one year of operating expenses available if needed and the investment account is at 70% of reaching this goal.  NMUCA receives a grant from the NM PRC PSB for $10K  for the awareness and training on damage prevention.

Programs and trainings have seen a drop in attendance in 2019. The board of directors and Planning Committee have discussed format and topic changes for the membership meetings to peak interest and increase participation. NMUCA held a joint meeting with ABC NM in February and with ASA NM in October in Las Cruces, NM. Joint meetings will continue in 2020 as well as social gatherings and meetings in Las Cruces, NM.  

Membership retention is healthy. There was some positive membership growth in 2019.  Once again, a very strong recommendation for 2020 is to make membership growth a top priority. NMUCA will strive for 100%-member retention and 10% growth in 2020.

The Zia Partnership has six members.   NMUCA presented three safety awards in 2019.

The scholarship program was fully funded and awarded in 2019. Funds were increased and scholarships were awarded to six recipients – three graduating students and three employees (an increase of two from previous years). A record number of applications were submitted in 2019.  NMUCA will partner with Jobs for American Graduates in 2020 to assist in connecting graduates with jobs and also to aid with JAG’s Annual Conference.

NMUCA was instrumental in several legislative victories in 2019 including a record $7 Billion budget bill that included a $933 Million package for infrastructure projects; Public Project Revolving Fund Projects to 222 state and local entities; Drinking Water System Financing; Wastewater System Financing; Capital Outlay Dashboard; and Water Project Fund Projects. NMUCA will continue to support Capital Outlay Reform, Public Private Partnerships, Highway Project Fund, Road Fund, and will oppose anti-business legislation. Jane Jernigan is the registered lobbyist for NMUCA and she also travels to D.C. to lobby for infrastructure funding. NMUCA’s lobbyist full time on Capitol Hill is through the Clean Water Construction Coalition (CWCC).

NMUCA’s Executive Director, Jane Jernigan, represents NMUCA on the boards and/or committees of the Construction Safety Coalition, Construction Industry Crime Alliance, New Mexico Regional Common Ground Alliance, New Mexico Contractors Comp Trust, Albuquerque Coalition for a Healthy Economy, and Women in Construction New Mexico.

NMUCA hosted, promoted, shared, sponsored and participated in the following programs throughout 2019:

  • NMUCA Night at Isotopes Park
  • Three NMUCA Membership Meetings
  • Joint Membership Meeting with ABC NM
  • Annual Last Ditch Open Golf Tournament
  • Joint Meeting with ASA NM in Las Cruces
  • Las Cruces Social
  • Women in Construction Week
  • Trench Safety Stand Down
  • Safe and Sound Week
  • Fall Protection Focus
  • Safe Dig Day
  • Imagine a Day Without Water
  • National Workzone Awareness Week
  • NM Regional Common Ground Alliance Summit
  • Santa Fe Summit
  • Women in Construction Membership and Networking meetings
  • Construction Safety Coalition
  • Construction Industry Crime Alliance
  • Albuquerque Coalition for a Healthy Economy
  • National Water Week (In D.C.)
  • Clean Water Construction Coalition
  • Distracted Driving Awareness Month
  • NM 811 Night at NM United  

To receive information throughout the year on industry issues, legislation, and events, please send a request to Jane.NMUCA@Gmail.com