The New Mexico Utility Contractors Association promotes, protects, and preserves the utility construction industry. Our members encourage each other’s success regardless of competition and come together in respect and love of our industry.

As a member you will enjoy many opportunities to network with other companies similar to yours as well as potential clients and customers. NMUCA has six membership meetings a year with relevant, informative speakers, and several social events including the NMUCA Social Connection, NMUCA night at Isotopes Park, JIFFY golf, Last Ditch Open Golf Tournament and our End of Year Dinner and Social.

We’re serious about informing and educating our industry through our Safety Committee and Education Committee. As a founding member of the New Mexico Regional Common Ground Alliance (NMRCGA), we are driven and focused on damage prevention, believe that it is a shared responsibility and that working with NM811, the PRC, line locaters and facility owners is key to resolving issues and making New Mexico a safer place to work, live, and, of course, DIG!

Our legislative efforts are often voted the number one reason why people belong to NMUCA. We have a lobbyist that carries your voice and has influence at the city, county, state, and national level on issues and legislation that will affect our industry. Of course you don’t have time to lobby legislators and testify in committees to present your concerns and needs in regards to legislation, rules, regulations and ordinances, but we do! We have had success and the association is respected and sought out for input on many different aspects of the industry.

As an independent state association, we have complete control over how dues money is spent and we choose to re-invest every penny into our local economy and make every penny count. Our focus is you, the member, and we listen and let our members guide our opportunities, progress, and activities throughout the year.

Please look over the general outline of membership benefits accompanying this letter.  Join us and you’ll get to know the people in your industry, you’ll be informed and up-to-date on trends, legislation, safety, damage prevention, and so much more. I promise you’ll feel right at home and will never be alone in a room full of our members.